Troy Talks: Episode 8 • The last administration got away with it, don’t let this one get away with it, too

Some of you despise Lou Leon Guerrero and mistakenly believe her party – the Democratic Party of Guam – has the monopoly on corruption. While I wouldn’t wage a bet against your contention Ms. Leon Guerrero’s administration has allowed corrupt people to steal from the taxpayers, I will say that democrat administrations dare graft because republicans got away with it.

I’m not saying all republicans and democrats are corrupt. But I am saying both parties have grown, supported, promoted, funded, and defended corrupt people. Both parties have sat idly by as their titular heads and their appointees in power conspired with their elite friends to squander public resources to the benefit of the few.

Both parties have been silent when the police and the state they control have overstepped and abused their power. Pay raises for public employees always are okay for the party in power, until that party no longer is in power; then, pay raises are payoffs for the election.

No one will write a book about Guam politics, because it will be the same two chapters and five verses on repeat. Boring. Far from thoughtful, meaningful, or purpose driven. Just unsophisticated corruption that only very few people are willing to do something about.

The latest insinuations and allegations by Public Auditor Benjamin Cruz that Guam Memorial Hospital engaged in a multimillion dollar fraudulent conspiracy with a company with close ties to Governor Lou Leon Guerrero simply is the latest in decades of corrupt practices. How often have those with the means and the power to do so dug deeper than the surface of these revelations to find the direct links of the conspiracy to the man or woman sitting atop Adelup’s throne?

Thank goodness for Douglas Moylan. At the very least, this issue may likely find itself in a criminal court setting, only because the voters elected the right man for the right time.

Because what was this issue to Adelup prior to the Cruz audit and the election of Mr. Moylan? “Fake news,” is what the governor’s spokeswoman called the media reports of the scandal in October 2022, when Kandit broke this story.

Why does the governor’s office get to be so arrogant and dismissive about a deal with so many dirty strings and filthy fingerprints on it? The answer is obvious.

It’s because the last guy got away with it all.

Lou Leon Guerrero is not the first governor to have known or even engaged in corrupt acts in her administration. And if this MedHealth scandal isn’t prosecuted along with savvy legislative oversight of the issue, she won’t be the last.


  • Kandit is right on target about the corruption of the Leon Guerrero’s administration.

    It is almost by design that the Democratic Party is the party of “do as I say” and never mind the ‘rule of Law”.

    The “sweetheart deal” that was surfaced by OPA, is just one example of how this administration governs—-ignoring the legal way of doing things. Did we all remember the “Eagles Field” agreement fiasco? She ignored the legal process.

    It is not surprising that this administration freely and readily engaged in a “sweetheart deal”.

    The Governor, who, I believed is not qualified to govern (for she had no leadership experience) occupied Adelop, thinking she is insulated by a number of lawyers and the backing of the Democratic Party, and that what she decides to do is of no business to anyone outside of Adelop.

    Need I say anything of Joe Biden! Some similarity, right?

  • This story is only going to get better. There was a public hearing today at the legislature. It started at 2:30pm. Go 47 minutes into the video and watch for 1 minute and 10 or 15 seconds. If this is true it will be the next chapter in this scandal.

  • Crystal lg Santos

      02/02/2024 at 1:34 AM

    Can’t wait to hear an see what comes up. Seems like…Monkey see, monkey do… Be watchful,..Guam is a diverse island with many politician families. Just because we have the same last name, does not mean I will vote for you. We need Guam to have Families with kids who create families for generations to come. Not just to break up, have kids an carry the mother’s last name. Families on Guam have broken into pieces, women have kids from different guys these days for political purposes,- Meaning less if you ask me…Most women have kids with 5 different guys an carry mothers last name. Once again for the political purpose. In America, We resolve problems an save Marriages. It seems what I was thought growing up shattered, due to people I was related to. Now, I see the whole agenda…Coming from Leon Guerrero family, that don’t mean I agree with this governor. I follow the book, and my parents where broken up by a leonGuerrero
    Due to an agenda an jealousy. My family goes deep, I know how LeonGuerrero work- Not to mention
    Josh. If we want to save our money let us, if the government shuts down, that’s the governments fault. Don’t force us to spend our money to keep the government from shutting down. If we want to recycle let us, let us CHOOSE.

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