The latest issue of plagiarized Chinese Communist Party propaganda is out in Saipan!

By Mabel Doge Luhan

Isn’t it great to have friends? I mean real friends, like my friends in Langley who let me use some of their AI tools to identify the sources of the Saipan Chinese News’s plagiarized content. I don’t mean fake friends — such as people who claim to love Saipan, sometimes even acquiring US citizenship and vowing loyalty to the US, while eagerly consuming and spreading a foreign dictator’s lies.

In contrast with a few CNMI senatrices, the December 29th issue of the Saipan Chinese News is out!

I hate to bore you, but I’ve already mined more Bitcoin than I can possibly use, so I set my SIXTEEN-BIT IBM AT 100% COMPATIBLE computer on finding the sources of their articles — all of which, except for the Saipan-specific ones, are verifiably plagiarized.

It’s entirely possible that the Saipan-specific articles are also plagiarized, but because they would be plagiarized from an English-language source and translated into Chinese, the evidence on those is less clear-cut.

I also wonder how many CW and H visa applications were filed and approved for the Saipan Chinese News’s team of diligent reporters? And how those reporters are paid, and what happens with the money?

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here! For whatever reason, this issue plagiarizes only from CCP propaganda sources, no longer stealing from private newspapers. Maybe they’re actually aware of copyright.

As Orville’s SOCIAL NETWORKING profile says, “No time-wasters, no names, no chit-chat,” so let’s proceed. Here are the plagiarized articles in the December 29 Saipan Chinese News, indexed by their main topic, with the source and link of the original —

US militarizes Tinian – People’s Daily (CCP propaganda)

Cold weather – Global Times (CCP propaganda)

S&P 500 up 26% – Sing Tao (CCP propaganda from Hong Kong)

China’s books better than Japan’s – Global Times (CCP propaganda)

Cheap strawberries in China – Global Times (CCP propaganda)

Evil warmongering Ukraine – Ta Kung Pao (CCP propaganda)

Houthi attacks on shipping – Ta Kung Pao (CCP propaganda)

Rain in Australia – Ta Kung Pao (CCP propaganda)

Man finds diamond – Sing Tao (CCP propaganda from Hong Kong)

Mind-reading helmet – Ta Kung Pao (CCP propaganda)

Russia admires Chinese elder care – Sing Tao (CCP propaganda from Hong Kong)

British couple in Antarctica – Sing Tao (CCP propaganda from Hong Kong)

Windows 10 –  Sing Tao (CCP propaganda from Hong Kong)

Now that we’ve showcased all these lies about China, I am compelled to give you a sprinkling of truth! Here’s a report on China’s genocide against its own ethnic-minority citizens. The report is in English by default, but is also available in Chinese language.

To quote my very good friend CARLTON RIDENHOUR, “Your government’s gangster, so cut the crap.”


Mabel Doge Luhan is a woman of loose morals. She resides in Kagman V, where she pursues her passions of crocheting, beatboxing, and falconry.

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